Friday, July 15, 2011

Stranger and Strangers pt2 pg 28-30 Issue #2

Sojourn is back.
Firstly let me apologize for the long drought here. As my last post said I have moved from Ottawa to London (UK), and it was only recently that I have achieved both employment and my own place.
That being said and all details of living requirement having been achieved I now return you to regular instalments of the Original Sojourn series and hereby give you my heartfelt promise to do everything possible to return you to the comfortable goodness of free comics on Friday.
Having said all that this may present a good opportunity to return to the beginning and read through to the present (if you haven’t already) as we are quickly coming to the end of issue #2 and the “Stranger and Strangers” story arc.
Correspondence, comments and questions are always welcome.

Now back to your regularly scheduled strange.