Friday, January 14, 2011

Stranger and Strangers pt1 pg 4-6 Issue #1

Another week, more SOJOURN.

Last week got some good starting numbers, so thanks to everyone who checked it out, hope you’re here this week.

Now something For the Brits about this week’s instalment as well as the continuing series: Please read carefully.
When I originally wrote SOJOURN I had been to the UK on vacation once when I was 15, my knowledge of the UK...and especially accents... was really limited to what I saw on TV. My mom being a Brit there was a lot of BBC on while I was growing up. So clearly this was my guide-line. Since then I’ve lived in London, and traveled England, Wales, and Scotland a fair deal for the last 10ish years. So believe me when I apologize for reducing the Brit accent to removing the H’s. It is accurate (not one person I know in the UK can say HMV) but not ALL THE TIME. Put it down to youth and inexperience and accept the honest apology for what it is. The new stories will be more informed, I promise.  (On a side note; It is amazing how much the accent changes in the UK. Hell from one part of London to another there is a completely different dialect, forget different parts of the UK. Coming from such a vast country as my own I find it amazing. Accents between, say, Ottawa and Winnipeg aren’t all that different and that’s a greater distance than the whole UK tip to tip.)

On another note, last week I forgot to mention some friends who have helped out greatly with getting this blog...well, sort-of, together.
Firstly there’s Tim who’s been pushing me to do something with SOJOURN for years. It was Tim who was really the driving force behind me getting this site up so big thanks to him.
Then there’s Chuck and April who came through in a pinch to help out on the tech side to make sure I got this up for the first Friday of the year. Without these two I probably would have been delayed...let’s say quite a while.
Chuck got some bad news this week so let’s send him some good vibes to get him through it.
There are more of you on the list and I promise to get to you as the weeks and months go on.

Lastly you might note the link to Big D’s NERDGASM LIVES! I can highly recommend this as a wonderful spot to re-live some of your favourite geek memories or as just a great place to have a giggle and unwind. As a veteran of Dave’s monthly Nerdgasm quiz in London I can tell you he is nothing if not entertaining.

And now, to continue...