Friday, February 11, 2011

Stranger and Strangers pt1 pg 16-18 Issue #1

Week 6
It’s been a pretty good week. The newest Sojourn story “The Heart Box” is pretty much finished and tweaked and it’s looking pretty good if I do say. I’ve planned the first photo shoot, for said story, for the weekend after this and that’s falling into place nicely too. I’m casting for the five leaded characters, with most of those (tentatively) cast. Because of my lack of space my ever-lovin’ cousin Kerry and her house mate Marie are letting me shoot at theirs. Steve is going to be my second shooter on this getting pick-ups and background shots and the lovely April is penciled in to take care of the costuming for me. I’m even in talks with a make-up artist to help make all the girls look pretty (not that any of them need the help really). I’ll be picking up the new back drop this Sunday, got my new lights and I’ve made, bought or acquired most of the props (few as they are).  So all and all a good week.
I’ll keep you updated as to progress and I should have some “behind the scenes” stuff for you soon.

But for now, it’s Friday so it must be time for some more free comics. A little “Weird Science” to kick off the weekend.